Thursday, January 24, 2008

stop the voices

warning: because it is 3:22 a.m. and my brain is having a meltdown this post has several different topics/titles.

dream, dream dream dream dream .....whenever i want you all i have to do is dream (yes, the everly bros song in case you were wondering) although this has nothing to do with anything resembling a good dream but the song is in my head anyway. i digress and should back up.

stupid dogs (said in the voice of the man from courage the cowardly dog)
they both came into the bedroom around 2 am--ish. never mind that it's fucking freezing outside, these bitches wanted out. they snorted in my face and whacked their tails on the wall beside my side of the bed. i let them out. i felt guilty because it's freezing outside but was still in a half slumber/sleep, all toasty and warm beneath the down. i made a point to tell the hubs they were outside as i crawled back into bed. he moaned and rolled over. i made a mental note that i would lie down for a sec and then get up and let them back in. then the dream came.

we're in the army now
i was sort of in the army but working with the same people i work with now (yeah, i know, how subliminal is THAT shit!). we were at some sort of conference, all of us in our BDUs (uh, ok, for those civilians out there those are big dumb and uglies, i mean the camo stuff) but it was lunch time and we were in the mess tent. there was a speaker during lunch, apparently someone important because even though it was during lunch you were expected to be quiet and listen, you know, show some respect? so anyway, i got my tray and sat at a table (no, not with all my super cool friends from work) with a co-worker i will call half-clone, or HC for short. (HC is the person who took over when my old boss retired. HC can be perfectly nice at times but she is obviously brainwashed and is a mini-me of the queen of evil). I sat with HC and my old boss---all of us wearing BDUs. I must mention that neither of these people would ever be caught dead anywhere near camo anything, while i on the other hand did wear camo pants a few times in high school i think. So, these two are talking during the presentation. HC is talking loud because she is pissed. She is being rude and snotty and self righteous. (Should be noted that in real life she is pissed right now cos one of her employees just quit w/out notice). So I casually try to shush her, cos ya know we're supposed to be being respectful of the speaker. then she starts going off on me and my old boss is sitting there like, yeah, who are you to tell her to shush, and i'm sitting there like you bitches are both wrong cos you were talking during the presentation! fuckers

then i woke up cos my stomach hurt (i think i ate too much trail mix) and i felt bad for the dogs (an hour had passed since i let them out) and i couldn't stop thinking about work.

i tried to snuggle back into sleep but the thoughts were swirling and i started composing 29 million blog posts in my head. then i remembered that i wanted to tell you about the dream i had about rick springfield when donut and i were in atlanta.

jessie's girl
this was one of those brief snippets of a dream. i was obviously working the show, eating lunch in one of the temporary grab and go places they have set up for lunch (ok, weird that both of these dreams happened during lunch?). i was sitting down at my table and rick came up to me. we started talking and then it was like he was talking about us getting back together.

i found this very amusing cos though back in the day i thought rick/aka dr. noah drake was hot, he's not like one of the celebs i think about. i think i thought about him cos i met him a few years ago (remember???) in atlanta at the market.

the hubs was not amused and after that eric estrada sex dream i had years ago you'd think i'd learn not to tell him dreams like that. he was not mad per se, but he didn't find the humor i did. his analysis is that rick plays guitar and is a musician so maybe i was having dreams of getting back together w/ that guy from college who played the guitar and was musical.

back to reality. i tried rolling over again, snuggling down into the warmth but oldy mcbones (the ancient gray cat) was at my feet, the hubs was snoring, the girl's cat was doing something under my side of the bed that was annoying me, and my stomach still hurt and the thoughts were still swirling and the dogs were still out.

i let the stupid dogs back in and then sat down to empty my head here. the dogs are snoring on the couches, i can occasionally here the hubs snoring from the back of the house, the boy was stirring and i'm going to try to go back to bed.

ok but before i do, see, this shit is happening more and more. the random can't stop my brain overload after i've gotten to sleep. i have no trouble whatsoever getting to sleep but there's always some work shit in my brain and god help me if i actually even halfway wake up cos then it's all over and i get all twisted up like i am now. then i don't want to get up in the morning (ok, like i ever do) and it's just not good.


broad minded said...

there must have been a full moon or something going on last night. i actually was up late for me - 11pm. and then i woke up before my alarm went off at a few minutes past five, but i just couldn't do it, so i reset if for a bit before six. didn't really go back to sleep, but still wouldn't get up and finally at 7.30 got up and busted my butt to get out of the door by a few minutes after eight.

btw - the hair really is awesome, cut and color. so give yourself a chance to get used to it. sometimes i still think about cutting mine again too like i did that one time and more than likely it will happen at some point when i start feeling twitchy.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

thanks re: the hair. i really do like it but i really do like having longer strands to twirl : ) it's such a habit.

Anonymous said...

Leave the hair alone. I like it shorter. It looks really good.

I, too, was up late, but I got up early because I couldn't sleep. Really worried about buying a car, which I'm now in the scary process of, I think. Chest pains suck.

There has been a full moon in the last few days.

Oh, and GP had to buy me lunch because my absent mind left my wallet on my desk. Thanks, GP!

Sweet T

Trish said...

I'm sick of having work dreams!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

sweet t/gp--i'm so glad you are working together. that's very cool.

trish--i hear ya honey. i have work on the brain waaaay too much and i don't like it.