Tuesday, April 22, 2008

who am i?

i'm a virgo.

Virgos are often put down badly by many astrologers and written up as being fussy and narrow-minded. (i don't think i'm narrow minded) But when a Virgo shines, there is practically no sign to match their inner light. An in-tune Virgo is a treat to meet. When a Virgo is confident within themselves they are the most successful, structured and creative of all the signs.

Many Virgos can be found working in the "service to others" industries, ranging from welfare work, doctors, school-teachers through to practising natural forms of healing like massage, herbal remedies etc. (none of these really apply though i'd love a massage)

One of the most magical characteristics of the Virgo is no matter how many times life or romance turns sour on them, they still manage to maintain faith in others, refusing to become cynical. There is ingenuity around this sign, a kind-heartedness, which unfortunately is sometimes played upon by others for their advantage. Virgos can often become victims of relationship power-games, where they are mistreated. Creative and sensitive, Virgos are delicate people who, like rare and special orchids, require individual treatment to fully blossom into their true unique beauty. (can we say high maintenance?) Shy, (i don't think i am) they are happy to allow others to take centre-stage (but i don't enjoy limelight) and often generate their time and energy into making those they love happy or successful.

Virgos are givers and when the chips are down and you need a friend, the one available during those testing times when you need advice or companionship the most, is likely to be a Virgo. Virgos understand human frailties better than most, because they are so deep and reflective themselves. With a Virgo in your life you have someone who understands and cares and any romance or friendship based upon these qualities is certain to be mutually rewarding.

by the chinese zodiac i am a monkey.
Charming, charismatic and extremely inventive, Monkey people are most noted for their intelligence and clever genius in working out difficult problems for themselves and others. (not really a good problem solver)

Cheerful and energetic by nature, they attract many friends with their magnetic personality and innate tact and diplomacy which may dissolve into condescension at times. They are impatient when it comes to getting their way, but their anger cools quickly. (true dat!)

Extremely curious and thirsty for knowledge, Monkeys are never happier than when absorbing facts and information, and possessed of a near photographic memory (LOL, uh, hell no) usually retain all they have learned. For this reason, their inventiveness in tackling thorny problems with the greatest of ease usually earns them well-deserved admiration and appreciation from business associates, friends and loved ones.

Loyal and devoted to friends, Monkeys are ardent and passionate in romance, but they may quickly lose interest in the object of their affection and seek out another. This general fickleness is also seen in their abandonment of projects if not allowed to immerse themselves in them immediately, and in their eating habits they usually prefer a quick snack during the day rather than sitting down to a full meal. (and yet somehow i've managed to stick w/ the hubs for more than two decades---take that fickleness!)

With their considerable talent and extraordinary originality, Monkeys may enjoy luck and in whatever career they choose, but usually excel as troubleshooters, scientists, researchers or inventors. (mmm, no, not so much)


Astarte said...

I'm a scorpio, so apparently I'm a total slut. Hmm... used to be kind of true, but the past ten years have been kind of slow in that department - being married is kind of a drag on that sort of thing.

Wow, you've been married for 20yrs! Holy crap!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

Astarte--total slut, LOL. i used to be kinda too (in college). the hubs and i have been married almost 16 yrs but we started dating about 25 yrs ago (i was 15!). we dated all through high school, then not so much when i was in college, then we got back together. thank god!