Monday, April 28, 2008

old faithful

as some of you may know the hubs and i started watching lost this year. we are not watching the current season, no, that would have been too easy. no, we have gone back and watched the previous seasons on dvd. we're caught up now. it is quite frustrating because season 4 is underway but we cannot watch it because we missed the first half.

so, this weekend we went back to our faithful friends on west wing. omg. i love absolutely everything about that show. the music, the cast, the stories, etc. we've watched all 7 seasons a kabillion times, but we're starting over again until the 4th season of lost comes out on dvd. yes, we are tv nerd/freaks.

anyway watching west wing always makes me sad that the real political world is not more like the tv show. i am in a quandary because i honestly and truly do not have a good feeling about any of the candidates. i am ashamed that george bush in our president. i have to think that other countries are looking at us and going, really? that's your best and brightest? y'all are fucking idiots!

the hubs and i talked about this last night. these talks are sometimes difficult because he is a die-hard republican. no, he's not bill oreilly bad else i wouldn't be married to him. even he has problems with bush, though he'll probably have a cow that i've put that in writing ; )

he said that we will never have the best and brightest in the white house because the best we have to offer don't want that job. they don't want to deal with all the rhetoric and politics. i find that very depressing and hopeless. i've always sort of felt hopeless when it comes to politics anyway, but now even more so.

when i think about how hard we work, how hard most everyone i know works, and how people are really trying/struggling to make ends meet and then see people like my sister who get free health care and daycare for her kids and it just pisses me off. i don't want my taxes raised so i can fund more of that. i'm not a hard ass. i do think there are people out there that need help, at least for awhile. but should money be taken out of my pockets because my sister decided to have two kids out of wedlock, knowing full well she didn't have the means to support them to begin with? i stopped having kids, partly, because we couldn't financially afford more. i was responsible. why should i pay for her not being responsible?

ok, i'm putting my soapbox away now and getting back to work.


broad minded said...

i try to look at it as taking the good with the bad. there are always going to be people who milk the system and abuse it. i just don't want to punish the truly deserving b/c of those people.

also, we were watching american president the other night and talking about the west wing and i have the husband interested. any chance we could borrow some of your dvds at some point if i promise to take care of them and return them promptly?

Creative Kerfuffle said...

mmm--well, i guess i'm just tired of taking the bad. the whole system needs revamped. i'm not against helping people who need SOME help for AWHILE. as it is now there is no incentive to get off the dole or even try to get ahead. it's all or nothing and it pisses me off.
we just started WW season one again so when we finish it i'll let you borrow it : )