Saturday, April 5, 2008

spring break 2008 comes to a close

well, ok we have tomorrow, but it's sort of done now.

let's recap shall we? (not for you cos i'm sure you're probably bored to death of this but for me cos this is something i'll want to remember in a decade or so when i have alzheimers.)

last friday night the girl went to the movies w/ a friend and we hung out with the boy. cool to have one kid at a time.

saturday the girl and i went to my SIL's shower and then we hung out and had dinner w/ them. i think we're becoming dinner snobs cos we ate at this buffet place and really, i don't think i like those types of places so much now.

sunday (see i'm already forgetting things) i think we just hung out and did yard stuff.

monday the kids each had a friend over and we got screwed by home depot when they installed french doors that were supposed to be custom but were not. the patio doors were the last that needed replaced and home depot told us (after their guy came to measure) that we needed custom doors cos our hole was not standard. (yeah, i said hole, go ahead, laugh. i did.) they told us custom doors to justify the extra $400 they were raping us for. (the doors are loverly--they're the kind with the blinds in the glass. soo coooll). so the hubs spent the rest of the week communicating nicely with home depot corporate and the store and for all that they're sending us a fucking $100 home depot gift card. fuckers. the doors look great though, even though they were not custom (they simply were not the size in stock at the store). fuckers.

monday also was movie night--me w/ the girls and the hubs w/ the kids.

tuesday was art museum in the capital (or is it capitol?) city. i loved it. i think the hubs enjoyed it. the kids have proclaimed it their least favorite thing of the whole week. unkay, so i'm raising cultural idiots. perhaps someday they'll grow into art.

wednesday was ice cream and the library and target.

thursday was the park. our local park that's like five minutes from the house that we've been to a million times before. this ranked as one of their favorite things this week.

friday the boy had a sleepover at my folks' house with his cousins. the girl has aged out of these as the boy is the next oldest grandkid and he's 8. (then there is my niece who's 7, my nephew who's 6 and my littlest nephew is 4--puddin will be the baby cousin when she comes in two weeks or sooner : ) ) last night we just hung out, painted our nails (except for the hubs of course), let her stay up really late and she sat on my lap most of the night. funny huh? too old for a sleepover w/ the cousins but not too old to cuddle on mom's lap. god i love that.

today we picked up the boy and went to sciworks. it's this totally cool science/hands on museum and there's an outdoor park/farm/wildlife area (which we didn't get to do cos of the rain--yeah, it's been raining off and on all week) AND a planetarium. omg i love the planetarium. the museum is very cool and won as the favorite activity of the week. i think we're going to get season passes. the kids were less enthralled w/ the planetarium than the hubs and i. we loved it. they liked it for the first 30 minutes (it lasted an hour) but then they were getting bored. overall though, it was very cool.

still raining when we got home. the kids went to play in their "club house" (this is blankets hanging over the dining room table) and the hubs and i went to play in our room ; ) and then we took a nap and now i'm making dinner/blogging.

this has probably been one of the best weeks we've had (at least in my book) in a long time. i loved going to the beach last year on spring break, it was awesome. but this week has been just as awesome. it really does make me want to quit my job and hang out with my family all the time. of course i'd probably not like it if i did it every day. plus the hubs would still have to work and we really couldn't make it on the one salary so we couldn't go anywhere so it would end up sucking a lot.

tomorrow evening i have to do a work thing and then monday launches me right into a hellaciously busy work week w/ another market. dear lord i don't know if i have the energy to look at product, once again, and say ohhh, ahhh, yes that's soooo innovative. excuse me, i just threw up a little in my mouth.


Sue said...

What a fun week! Stinks that it's over :-( So cute that your daughter will sit on mom's lap and still go in the clubhouse under the table!! Love it!

Casdok said...

Lovely post!!