Sunday, April 6, 2008

sleepy sunday

little bits of random stuff today as i'm still on my first cup of coffee.

the kids slept in the club house last night (blankets thrown over the dining room table.) it's 11 and the girl is still asleep under there. eh, at least that room is getting used. honestly a "formal" dining room is such a waste. i still want to knock out the wall between my dining room and kitchen and make it one big space. maybe some day. the girl's cat is standing guard of the club house. really, she's been sitting there at the "entrance" while the girl sleeps.

so charlton heston is dead. they said of unknown reasons. uh, really? perhaps OLD AGE? he's like a hundred right? sadly the only things i can think about him are the 10 commandments and planet of the apes. i'm sure he did other stuff right?

my sister, you know, the one i don't really like? asked me to help her decorate her apartment when she gets her tax refund. dear lord. first, that would mean spending a lot of time with her and it would probably be just me and her and i really don't think i could do that. really. second, i don't think i'm a decorator in any way shape or form. our "style" if you could call it one, has been an evolution and our house is full of things we've gathered over the years and things that represent our personality. i think she thinks we can just go out and buy her style in an after noon. i just felt weird about her asking me and i don't want to do it.

we've watched a lot of lost this week. we're in season three about halfway done. i have never watched a show that has twisted my brain so much. this show keeps me guessing at every turn and i'm always surprised. i'm perplexed actually. it's like there is absolutely no logic to any scenario until it has been totally unfolded for you and then you're like, oh yeah, ok.

if you've read for any length of time you know i'm not a cook. it's ok, i realize i have other talents. anyway, last night i made (from a box of course) these betty crocker mashed sweet potatoes. for the record i do not ever make boxed mashed potatoes. that's just wrong. (boxed any other kind of potato ok, but not mashed). mashes sweet potatoes are soooo yummy. just in case you were looking for something quick, new and easy to add to your food lineup.

what else? oh yeah, spike tv is airing all of the star wars movies. oy vey i'm so damn confused. why couldn't george lucas just stick to the three he first made? clones? sith? i don't know who's who. now we have samuel l. jackson and ewan in harrison ford's realm and it's freaking me out. the boy knows each and every one of these characters and has each color of the light sabers and when we play "in my world" games we are all characters from the movies. he wants to light saber battle all of us all the time.


Anonymous said...

I can think of oh 100 things your sister could do with a tax refund instead of decorate her apartment. People like that are so confusing to me. Do you know realize your our situation?

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i didn't even ask what she's getting because i'd probably puke. the hubs said we could take her money and just give her stuff out of our attic : ) hehe

Kristin.... said...

ever made sweet potato fries? heavenly!

Astarte said...

Why on earth does she want you to help decorate her place?! Can she not do it herself? Does she not know you can't stand her? How odd to ask someone who doesn't like you to decorate your place! Hell, you could actually have some fun with it, really. Pick out some really atrocious things and tell her they're totally in fashion!

We are Star Wars central. DH and I both like it, and Patrick is ALL ABOUT it. He likes the movies OK, but what we all really love are the lego video games. Patrick knows all the characters, even the obscure ones, from being able to play them. His favorite people are Darth Vader and Boba Fett, of course.

I don't like the new movies. They just don't have the feel of the older ones, the innocence or something. No on beats Han Solo, anyway. Yum.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

sweet potato fries? that does sound yummy, though i'd be the only one in the house that would eat them.
astarte--i addressed your comments in a post : )