Wednesday, April 23, 2008

an evening with the boy

the boy and i had a great night.

first we went to dinner at this semi-new place in town that's sort of like panera but not. sort of like it in the fact that you stand in line to place your order and then they call your number to come get it. we ate outside.

dinner conversation was filled with questions. and by filled i mean like about a million. the boy's favorite new phrase is hey mom....

here's a sample:

boy: if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
me: well, daddy and i would like to take you and sissy to germany, where we used to live.
boy: yeah, that would be fun. i'd like to go to italy.
me: why?
boy: because that's where they make pizza. i also want to go to egypt to see the sphinx. (that launched a whole discussion on how it was built and the pyramids, etc.)
boy: i'd like to go to france too so i could hear people say (in his best/worst french accent) bonjour madame.

boy: so, if you could only watch one tv channel, what would it be?
me: hmmmm, i guess tlc.
boy: yeah, me too as long as they also showed some star wars.

me: if you could meet three famous people who would you pick?
boy: ewan mcgregor (young obi wan), james earl jones (voice of darth) and that dude who played luke. what about you mom?
me: stephen king, rod stewart and vincent van gogh, even though he's dead.

boy: if there was only one store left which one would you want it to be?
me: target or bath and body works.
boy: i'd pick target too because they have lots of star wars stuff.

after dinner we went to target : ) actually this had been part of my plan. since the girl is on her trip and got spending money, etc. we thought it would be nice to let the boy get something too. he got a star wars movie (he has the original first three now) and a lego set.

we strolled around target after that, cos you just can't walk in and walk out. that would be so rude. i stopped in the makeup section because of an almay commercial i saw. i know right? anyway, the commercial was about how they have stuff color coded so you know what looks good w/ your eye color. cool i thought. my eyes are hazel. i don't wear lots of makeup to begin with, usually just eyeliner and mascara, a little blush. sometimes i go all out and throw on some eye shadow. so for hazel eyes almay recommends this raisin in the sun eyeliner. ok. got it. (i usually wear blue and had bought some brown that isn't really working for me). then mascara. almay yes. green mascara. ok. i ALMOST bought it. but dude, i wore green mascara in high school. is that shit still ok to do??? i mean seriously? to work? green mascara? hmm. i passed on that but might talk myself into it. (oh, and did i mention i got a starbucks coffee on the way out? perhaps that's why i just wasted a whole paragraph on makeup??)

we got home, the boy hopped in the bath tub and then...finally...the girl called. i had not heard from her since the bus pulled out of the parking lot at 7:42 this morning. she was wound up. hyper. giggly. barely talking to me. talking more to her roommate. ah...i got frustrated. i just wanted to hear about her day and find out if she was ok and if she said she missed me during that conversation i would have been pleased. she was too hyped up and excited to really talk. i got a little upset. then she called the hubs (remember, he's out of town tonight too). then she called me back to say she called her dad and that she couldn't help being excited. ok i said. i just want you to have fun (and you could say you miss us). it was bitter sweet.

then folks, the fun REALLY began. let me ask...have you ever put together a lego set? have you ever done so with an 8 year old boy who doesn't really like to read the directions? hmph. here's what we made. it took us more than an hour. i am now the fucking lego queen i tell ya. actually, it was kinda fun. i could NEVER design something and create it out of legos, i mean, you know, not something that would actually resemble a real object. but following the directions? yep. we did it. it's a lot of counting and paying attention and the directions are, for the most part, easy to follow. i now have mad lego skilz. you may now bow down to my awesome connective abilities. we left the sticker application for tomorrow though, it was already after his bedtime.


Kristin.... said...

Glad to hear she arrived safely. I think I would feel the exact way you did about the whole situation.

Your time with your son sounds nice. I have too many kids to get much one-on-one time with them.

Trish said...

The boy sent me an email last night. He cracks me up!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

kristin--really, we don't do a lot of one on one either. most everything includes the 4 of us. so when it is a one on one it's pretty cool.
trish--lol, i bet it was a hoot. he's pretty hysterical.