Thursday, April 17, 2008


...i gots none.

not just today but in general. emailing w/ my peep sweet t this morning i realized that i am, for the most part, an unmotivated person. i won't say lazy cos i'm not lazy. i do procrastinate (hence the blog post when i should be working).

the hubs, on the other hand, is incredibly motivated. in so very many ways we are so different, opposites, but not really. we're both strong minded want to be the boss types (the boss at home, i don't care anything about being the boss at work). however, he always has something going on in his head. he's always planning, thinking through a project, wanting to do something. me? i think abstractly and would rather lounge a round a bit and then get to the work.

let's take the yard for example. one of my absolute favorite things to do is to salivate over bulb catalogs. it's almost orgasmic thinking of all the things we he could plant. it must be noted that when it comes to the yard we both do the plant/flower selection, i say where i think they need to go and he does the work. of all the different things in our yard i started one flower bed. he sprays them w/ quick grow stuff, tends them, babies them. i mow. i do sometimes weed the beds too. and i like looking at the progress.

but the hubs is always motivated to get something done. though sometimes it wears me out and i just want to say, uh, hey, could we have a day off one weekend? i also know that if he weren't motivated and didn't push us to do stuff i'd probably be a slug.

the things he's good at make me better and the things i'm good at make him better.

he is tenacious. when he gets something in his mind, some thought or plan or project, he's not right with the world until it's completed. this is very very admirable. much more so than my half-assed way of doing most things and thinking, eh, i'll get to it later.

the boy is very much like the hubs. when he's focused on something he is relentless. take this week for example. he has started planning his halloween costume. (yes, it is six months away). though we all know halloween is my favorite holiday, even i haven't given this much thought. however, the boy is planning his star wars costume. he is wanting to make it now. he talks about it ever. single. day.

if my men were a math equation they would be:

boy/star wars + hubs/yard=happiness


Kristin.... said...

I know what you mean. There are days when I zoom around the house, doing things like laundry and dishes and sweeping up crushed Cheerios, and other days when I look at it all and think, hmm, after a cup of coffee/blog reading/diaper changing, I may or may not set out to do some or any of this. My husband is always doing something. It almost irritates me, like he thinks that I do nothing and he has to come home and show me that it can get taken care of. urgh.

Kristin.... said...

ps~thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

Kristin--my hubs too is always doing something...outside. which is awesome and great and wonderful and i like doing that too but the inside stuff (laundry, vacuuming, etc. also still needs done) i get slack about this every other day or so cos i just want to come home from work and veg.

Trish said...

I lucked out on being the favorite aunt to the M&M's because my SIL's sister is a whack job and doesn't give me any competition. I must confess that I kinda like it this way.