Friday, April 25, 2008

hungry like the wolf

i'm really working like a mofo today, srsly, but i have playing in the background and am listening to my culture club station. yes, sometimes i am stuck in a time warp but holy awesome 80s batman, what's NOT to like about 80s music????

i started off listening to my justin timberlake station, that boy is hoooooooootttttt, but then i didn't recognize so many songs. my co-workers laugh at me when i ask about a song--uh, ck that is like two years old. forgive me, i'm not hip w/ current music.

so, back to the 80s....i'll tumble 4 ya....really, c'mon everyone sing along. boy george kicks ass. (did i mention i'm on my third cup of java this morning and it is FRIDAY). whaaaaahooooooo! and the girl comes home tonight-----yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. it's been fun to have the boy to myself and for us to share a day as the three of us and i know the girl has had a blast but i need all my little chicks under the same roof again please and thank you.

before she left the girl was immersing herself in the 80s. she wanted me to put her hair in a side pony tail every day. she was singing the songs, more so than usual cos my kids have always been surrounded by 80s music.

personally i'm wondering if i can pull of leggings and skirts. i see that style is coming back. hmmm. possibly not appropriate work attire but how about on the weekends? donut has already told me that banana clips are a no no. shut up! no, i don't really wear them and haven't since college but the hubs likes the look and i have been known to wear them around the house, rarely.


broad minded said...

i FORBID you to wear leggings and a skirt. that is a heinous look, it was a heinous look and it will always be a heinous look. just commit already, pants or a skirt, you don't get both.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Broad, and with Donut about the banana clip. Sorry.

Sweet T

Creative Kerfuffle said...

: P that's me sticking my tongue out at both of you! i think this year for my 40th bday i'm going to have an 80s party just to spite you ; ) he he he. maybe y'all don't get it cos you're so young.

Kristin.... said...

Oh the 80s. How I miss the HUGE hair and bad clothes. Sigh.

How was the girl's trip?>

Anonymous said...

I do get it, thank you very much. You're not THAT much older than me. I just don't think it's a good idea now, for everyday wear. A party is another story. And, for the record, I dearly love 80s music. I think it still makes up a large percentage of my CD collection. :)

Sweet T

Creative Kerfuffle said...

sometimes i FEEL that much older than you! : )
most of my CDs are 80s too.