Friday, April 25, 2008

and she's home!

the girl came home from her williamsburg trip tonight. whew, i'm glad that's over : )

wednesday i was on pins and needles waiting to hear from her and we finally did around 8:30 that night. she was too wound up to really talk to us. last night she was better. she actually called once and the hubs and i were outside mowing and the boy answered the phone and said she'd call back. we talked to her a little while later and she was a little more calm and talked a little longer. she called this morning around 7:30 and they were getting ready to leave the hotel, do some more touring and then head home.

she's been telling us all about jamestown and williamsburg this evening. they saw a glass blowing demonstration, learned about early medicine (she talked most about how they had no anesthesia), they talked about pocahontas (she said she doesn't look anything like how they depict her in the movies) and they got to board one of the first of the three ships that entered the settlement (she couldn't believe how small the ships were). they also had a musket demonstration and she said that was her favorite part of the whole trip. go figure.

it wasn't as exciting as she thought it would be but she said we should go there as a family this year, but when it's cooler.

overall i think she had a great time.

her cat has been insane missing her and has done nothing but meow and follow her around since she walked in the door. poor cat, i know how she feels. the girl barely got off the bus before i grabbed her and almost started crying. yeah, i know, i'm a sap.

she brought gifts for everyone. a copy of the declaration of independence for the boy, a spoon from jamestown for my spoon collection and a puzzle cube thing for the hubs.


Kristin.... said...

Hooray! You BOTH survived the trip. I'm glad I have a few more years before I have to start dealing with all of that.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

yeah, in 3 years the boy will be going on the same 5th grade trip (no, no don't take my BABY) and the girl will be going on the 8th grade DC trip. perhaps these are meant to prepare us for when the go off to college. uhg.

broad minded said...

i am impressed that she brought you all back presents. very nice.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

well, we did give her spending money and encouraged her to get something for the boy. but she did good. i'm just glad she's home. the boy said it looked like her hair got longer while she was gone. : ) lol