Wednesday, April 23, 2008

troublesome thought about rod stewart

most of you know that my true love is rod stewart. i've written about him here a kabillion times, but really, i am at work and don't have time to search for all the posts to link to and prove this fact. just trust me on this.

this morning the boy gave me a rod cd to put in as we're driving to school. (well, i was driving, he was sitting in the back seat cos he's still too young to ride up front). it was not a good cd, it was one of his more recent ones that is a big band cover cd. i hate it really, but it's rod so i have it. the boy asked if he was still alive. egads!

then i thought, omg, i wonder where i'll be and how i'll react when i hear that rod stewart died?

i'll wait for you to quit laughing. i know i'm a freak. ; )


Sue said...

We saw Rod Stewart in a pub in Ireland a few years ago. Well, before we had kids, so, more than 10 years! He was there with his sister (at least that's what the bartender told us), just drinking a pint. That's one of my only brushes with fame.

And shush yo mouth! Rod will go on forever, right?!!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

omg really? i'm sure i would have made a TOTAL ass of myself if i would have seen him. wow. i bow down to your rod sighting. you are sooooo lucky : ) i've seen him in concert twice. once when he was married to that bitch rachel. (lol) the hubs and i joked at that time that if we did such a thing they would be our swap couple. of course now rod's just too...mature for me to think of him that way, but he could sing to me forever. i heart rod.