Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day

good morning. how are you? i'm much better now thank you very much. thanks for the comments. it's always good to know we're not the only fucked up couple that fights : ) of course i know we aren't but it's still good to hear.

now, on to other things.

earth day. i'm feeling quite guilty. we don't recycle. we used to, long ago. now we live outside the city limits though and we don't get those cool green bins to dump all of your recyclables in. i did email our mayor yesterday and ask what options we had in our town. we live in a small town and our mayor (our first female mayor) also is the organizer of the lego club the boy is involved in. we can drop cardboard off at our fire stations and there's a recycling center in town. who knew? so, i'm going to do some investigating and see if we can make that work. Sue has recently been posting about going green too, though she's way ahead of the curve compared to me.

the girl leaves tomorrow morning for her 5th grade williamsburg trip. they are visiting jamestown, colonial williamsburg and the yorktonw. she will be gone until 8:30pm friday. i'm not liking this at all. yes, i totally want her to have fun and explore and blossom and all that crap, but did you hear me? MY BABY IS GOING AWAY FOR TWO NIGHTS! yes, she has been away longer before, but that was always with a family member. this time we are trusting her to the care of adults i don't really know. yes, i know her teachers and i know some of the moms going, but i don't KNOW them, ya know? i realize this is part of growing up. i realize this is probably going to be the simplest part of growing up, this trip. i realize this is but the tip of the ice berg and some day way too soon for me, she will be leaving us, going to college and making her own way in the world. it scares the shit out of me. go ahead, say it...overprotective much? yes, yes i am thank you.

next thing. sweet t came over saturday and we finally watched sweeney todd. hmmm, what to say about it. johnny depp can sing. really, he can. i loved the cast. it was sort of like having edward scissorhands and harry potter mixed together as far as the cast went, cept winona ryder was missing. i was not too put off that it was a musical. i mean i love the sound of music, moulin rouge, dreamgirls and chicago. i just think it might have been better if it weren't a musical. the story is compelling. i might have to watch it again to fall in love with it. i can certainly say that if johnny depp weren't in it i probably wouldn't have bothered.

the boy is feeling a little left out these days. the girl's going on her trip so of course there are things she needs and things we've gotten her for the trip. when we got her prepaid cell phone (yes, we got her one) he got to pick out some star wars stuff. my mom took the girl shopping sunday and got her a cd player (which, apparently are phasing out cos they were hard to find. ipods/mp3 players are taking over). we try to do special things with the boy to make up for it, but this too is part of growing up. she's older and will get to do things before he does. for those other moms out there, how do you handle this type of thing?

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