Thursday, July 23, 2009

words on thursday

i have title block so eh, words on thursday is the best i could do.

sooo, what's going on around here? let's see.

monday the hubs had some major oral surgery. the hubs is a total bad ass. seriously, sometimes his badassery frustrates the hell out of me, although his rebellious nature and badassness are parts of the reason i married him. but i digress. dude thought that he'd go in for this surgery monday morning and then go to work in the afternoon despite the fact that i told him he'd be out of it most of the day. i could speak from experience seeing as how i had my wisdom teeth removed last summer and was out for 3 days.

and i was right : ) he has fuzzy memories of that day (he was fully sedated for the procedure) and i kept him loaded up w/ his prescribed vickies every 4 hours because when he was awake he was an ass. the hubs does not follow rules, like oh, you can't smoke the day you get gaping holes in your mouth?? yeah. so he was cranky. and belligerent. and remembers very little of it. plus, it has been since sunday since he's eaten any meat for god's sake, and the man loves him some meat.

yesterday i started painting the hallway---most of the primer coat is finished. it was orange folks--the hubs' choice several years ago---i should have taken a picture! now it will be a nice tannish hue.

next week the kids and i are going on a road trip to wv to hang out w/ one of my aunt's for the week. she's a teacher so aside from the unemployed she's one of the few people who have summers off : ) it will be great to get out of the house, because, as much as i feel like i'm getting things done that i've wanted/needed to do? i'm fucking bored out of my damn mind. and, being w/ the kids 24/7 since the beginning of june is starting to do me in. everywhere i turn they are there.

i now know that i would have made a horrible, horrible sahm when they were younger. i have the utmost respect and admiration for women who can do this. i've always thought it was hard and respected them, and i realize that being home w/ a 9 and 12 year old is nothing like having babies or toddlers or more than 2 but holy hell. i am a person who likes to be alone sometimes. even if that alone time is just driving to work. or being at work for that matter. there is some separation. the boy says i have turned into more of a hard ass since i got laid off. that i'm stricter. hmmm.

totally off whatever topic i thought i was on but i'd like your opinion on something.

wood kitchen cabinets----paint them or not? the very least that will be done to the kitchen for now is a paint job (it is the only room in the house that hasn't changed since we bought it 7 yrs ago and green stripes and a fruit border are just not me) and new hardware. eventually there will be upgraded counter tops and a tile (not laminate like it is now) floor, but that is for the day we are rolling in the dough. i'm really afraid of painting the cabinets. and don't suggest switching out the doors for glass doors cos i certainly don't want people looking into the cluttered confines of my cabinets.


Kristin.... said...

I crave alone time. CRAVE IT!

anyway, men are numb when it comes to health issues. They think they're invincible and of course they aren't, then they lie around grouching because they aren't following instructions. Gah.

What about staining the cabinets? We have two cabinets with glass doors and I like them but I wouldn't want them all that way.

Anonymous said...

Once you paint the cabinets, there's no going back. Why not paint the room and put new hardware on and see how you like it?

Sweet T

only a movie said...

I am sad for you that you don't get alone time. It's important...

Have a fun road trip. I bet it's pretty there.

I have no opinions on cabinets.


Penny said...

Your hubby sounds just like my boyfriend.The day he got some teeth taken out (3 to be exact) he couldn't understand why I freaked out that he wanted to smoke.

I am so jealous of your road trip.I seriously want one too,to anywhere,I don't mind.

I like the look of natural wood,but it all depends on what color you are going to make the walls.

Hotch Potchery said...

Kristin and Sweet T beat me to the punch, but I was thinking if you wanted a change maybe a different stain...really, once you paint, you are stuck with paint...

You will be amazed what just some new hardware will do!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I twitch when it has been too long since some alone time. One of the few perks of the kids beeing driving age teens is one starts getting more alone time.

Cabinets? What about stripping, sanding, and staining them?

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I would do the hardware change too first and then paint/stain if it is not enough. Time to watch some HGTV to get some ideas!

And why are men so stubborn? It makes me crazy especially as that is how my husband acts and I am a nurse. I feel sorry for his nurse if he ever is in the hospital because he doesn't listen and then gets in a worse situation especially when it comes to pain. I would've been the one taking the vickies.

The thing about toddlers and staying at home are 1) naps 2) bribing with snacks and 3) entertained by the most retarded things. Not that they won't drive you crazy (anyone will if you are with them without a break...ever...) but sometimes that is easier than teens.

Astarte said...

I have always had painted cabinets, because we've inherited them. If they were dark wood, I would probably paint them. The thing with changing the knobs is that it's really pricey, so it would depend on whether you were planning on doing it anyway. If you are planning to change them no matter what, I would start there. If not, those things are pricey, so I would just go ahead and paint.

Penny said...

I painted the cabinets in my kitchen white and I think it made them look updated and it seemed to make my kitchen look bigger, BUT I think we need to see some pictures before we can really decide....

I smoked immediately after I got my wisdom teeth taken out...I'm a dumbass.