Tuesday, May 20, 2008

imagine, me needing more help?

: )
ok, so we bought the girl an mp3 player (remember two years ago she got one for christmas that i could never figure out and then the dog chewed it up so she never got to use it?) as an early 5th grade graduation present. don't spaz, it wasn't one of the hundred dollar version, paleeze. anyhoo. i did successfully sync a cd to it (love her choice, billboard's top hits of 1982) and now i'm looking around to figure out how to download stuff from web sites. does anyone do this on a regular basis and if so can you recommend good sites for this? thank you : )

big t asked if the boy that the girl is now dating is the same loser who told her she had small boobs. no, it is not the same boy, thank god. however, the boy that did say that to her is going to end up in jail some day. i can feel it. here's the joke he told at daycare today (a church ran daycare no less). he's a 5th grader. my kids told us this joke in the car tonight. get ready.

you know the joke--say i can spell cup (i can c u p) ha ha very funny right?
his version--spell IHOP and say ness at the end (i atcho peeness) yeah. nice.


Kristin.... said...

Does the MP3 work with ITunes? If so, you can just create an account with ITunes and download your songs there. Meg has an IPod Shuffle, but we just download from our own CDs~Ozzy (!), Queen, Beatles. She's 7. weird.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

yes, i think it does. i think i can download from itunes, rhapsody or napster (among others). i just don't want to join a club--don't think we'll download that much. LOVE meg's music choices!