Thursday, May 22, 2008

i like have a big butt and i cannot lie

ok, well, no, i personally do not like big butts, but thank god the hubs does.

today i went to the dr to get a shot for this lovely poison ivy i have. what's the first thing the nurse ALWAYS does (that bitch). weighs you. yeah. stupid scales. so i knew i'd gained some weight, i could feel it in my clothes. i even knew what i weighed, give or take a pound. so the nurse takes me into the exam room. blood pressure, good. pulse, good. temp, good.

what do i do? i ask the fateful question.

so nurse ratchet, what did i weigh the last time i was in here?

well, you were here in december (my shoulder issue that also got me a nice shot in the shoulder) and you weighed x. x is FIFTEEN pounds less than i weigh today!

seriously, i had no idea. omg. omg.

then the nurse asked me where i wanted the shot. i asked where it would hurt less (cos i'm a wuss and totally hate shots). she said, well, it's going to hurt regardless but it will hurt less in the butt because there's more back there. nice.

so i got a shot in my big fat ass and hopefully that will be the end (pun intended) of this poison ivy. just for grins i asked the dr when i had poison ivy last. uh, same time last year. you'd think i'd learn my lesson huh?

this evening when i got home i was telling the hubs about the weight gain and here's what that sweet man said: perhaps that's why i'm more content these days, there's more of you to love : )


Astarte said...

Oh, your hubs wins a prize for that comment!!!!

WHY do they have to weigh you every time you walk through the freakin' door?! It's not like we're kids and our medication goes by weight or anything. I mean, seriously! Like I don't usually feel bad enough when I actually drag myself in the office in the first place!

broad minded said...

what i love is when you have just been like two weeks before and have to go back and they weigh you again. i mean REALLY!