Saturday, December 22, 2007

a family blog?

i have been thinking about starting a family blog. i guess it would sort of be like a myspace page but a blog. i don't have the brain power or inclination to figure out myspace so i'm thinking of doing a family blog. sil, what do you think?

obviously it would be the total opposite of this blog cos you know i couldn't say fuck and talk about masturbating and how i hate my family. but i'm thinking like just to update the extended people on what's going on in a nice way. the challenge is that i still wouldn't want to put pics of the kids or us up here (the kids cos i don't want random fruitcakes looking at them and us cos i hate getting my picture taken). then there's the question of whether they'd read it and if i'd be doing it for nothing.

sil--what do you think?

perhaps a crazy idea because just the other day i was wondering how some bloggers write more than one blog, several that i read on a regular basis do that and it baffles me.

one blog i was reading this morning was about teacher gifts and how teachers are sick of getting lotion, candles, candy and stuff w/ apples/teacher references on it. i gave candles, though nice ones, this year. my thought is if they don't like them they can regift them. i don't remember giving my teachers gifts when i was in school and now it's like expected. there's christmas, end of year and at our school they actually have teacher appreciate week. really?

ok, i know teachers make shit money but it's not like they were drafted into that job. they also have the sweetest vacation deal on the entire fucking planet. they work hard, they deserve better pay but don't we all? they put up with the politics of the school system and bitchy parents and hateful kids, but don't we all have similar things in our jobs? they work for the state so it's harder to fire them than it is to fire me so they have that.

one of the comments i read on the teacher gift post today was from a parent who said yes, it's nice to thank the teachers for teaching your kids w/ a token gift but shouldn't they be giving us a gift for our giving them such a wonderful kid to teach? if we didn't have kids they wouldn't have a job. touche.


Anonymous said...

I admire you commitment to the blog, I wish I could keep one with my family. I would fear one day someone would leak my secret and everyone would know what I said about them!! Maybe you could post cute photos and blur the faces? :) I think overall your family could make a very interesting blog.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i'm talking about blog about the family (including yours) that we gave the extended family access to. the more i think about it the less i think i'd actually keep it up. from time to time i worry about people i talk about finding out about this one, but i don't think mom or dad or any of them for that matter has a clue about blogs or would accidentally run across this one.