Tuesday, February 22, 2011

this is why i shouldn't have more babies....

.....the girl (who is one of two still getting over an infectious crud in our house right now) woke up around 3am w/ a coughing fit. i had been dead to the world since 11:30.

i got up, got her some water and cough syrup. it took all of 3.4 minutes. i laid back down (i'm not sure i opened my eyes during the 3.4 minutes except to read the dosage on the medicine cup.) the hubs (the other person getting over the infectious crud) was snoring much, much louder than normal. after 18 years i've learned to sleep with a snorer (mostly because i fall asleep before he does).

i am sure i tossed and turned for awhile (20-30 minutes)before being able to sufficiently ignore the snoring.

when the alarm went off at 6am i felt like shooting it.

this is just one example of why i shouldn't have more babies.....i cannot get up in the middle of the night for even 3.4 minutes let alone 2-3 times to feed a kid.

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Annabelle said...

Ah, but you've forgotten...

Let me refresh your memory.

Day one of being pregnant the body begins the constant peeing. You spend 40 weeks waking up in the night to get up to pee.
At first it's just once, maybe twice, but as the weeks go on it increases.

By the delivery date you're up 3-4 times a night.

It's basic training for the routine.

So though the reasons to not have more are vast and thoughtful, just remember should you change your mind, the gettig up in the middle of the night part is cake.