Thursday, September 2, 2010

and the homework winner is....

.....i will keep you in suspense for just a bit. i hope you had as much fun with this assignment as i did. all of the lists were great and i learned new things about those of you i already know and found two new blogs to boot!

grey ghost and the redhead blogette are the two new bloggers who left interesting lists in the comment section; i look forward to reading their blogs as well. go, visit them. my dear (and irl) friends sweet t and spanx also had lists that made me smile and broke my heart at the same time. you know i love you both : )

but the winner is.......firegirl at just a bunch of silliness really because she had a pyrotechnician's license (she put off FIREWORKS!!!) and she didn't follow the directions and actually made two lists. a rebel after my own heart. (email me your addy so i can send you your treasure chest. fyi, it won't really be a chest.)

while i'm feeling all linky and everything....i had to share this post from drollgirl. she always has interesting observations and photos, but i really loved this recent post. it's shots of store windows dressed as scenes from famous movies. i love home furnishings/design/etc. and things like her post really excite me.

on a separate note--i miss reading those of you in the sidebar who have stepped away from blogging. sniff sniff. i don't even know if you are reading blogs anymore, but if you are, know that you are missed around here.


Brianne said...

thanks for the shoutout! i'm totally adding you to my blog list on my sidebar. as you can see, i'm doing such a good job of being productive at work lol

Firegirl said...

Wait...what? *blushing*

Well, Thank You!!!!

Probably the first time I've been rewarded for not following directions!


Kristin.... said...

Crap. I missed the deadline. :(

Spanx said...

Congrats Firegirl!!! I also appreciated the rebel in you! Speaks to me :) Namaste....

And thank you again CK - I didn't realize at the time of the "assignment" how I would spend a number of days looking at all I've learned and grown from. Good and not-so-good stuff - both are great teachers.

drollgirl said...

well thank you for the link!!!!!

i am not sure if this helps, but just wanted to address your comment about the readers that have moved on. i have this problem with my readers too. most seem to have a crush for a minute, and then they fade away. some i thought i had become close friends with, only to lose them. it sucks. it kind of hurts your feelings, no? weird. very weird.