Thursday, December 10, 2009

gearing up for a party

somewhere along the way it became a bit of a thing, (dare i call it a tradition?) for us to have a christmas party for friends (the only family that has ever included is my bro/sil). in the beginning it was a small core of people, basically my three closest friends and their significant others. two of those original people, sweet t (should i call you mrs. sweet t now?) and famous beth, still come, though now sweet t will be sporting a nice newly wedded hubby : )

i think when the group was smaller the party was more intimate (duh) and also intimate (as in boobs may or may not have been flashed, people may or may not have had sex in my bathroom and we may or may not have played "scrip" scrabble (a drunk's slurred strip). as i recall there was also some puking (and it wasn't always just me).

now the group has grown and i think when i counted all the bodies for this one it was about 20 or so, that included kids. also--when our kids were younger we used to ship them off to my folks' house for the night. but, times have changed, relationships have changed and i don't really feel comfortable doing that any more. maybe that's why i quit showing my tatas at our parties too : )

the last couple of years we've done an ornament exchange thing--bring an ornament and pick a number and you get to unwrap someone else's ornament or steal one that's been unwrapped. this is always fun and when i sent out the invites this year i didn't include it because times are tough and that's just one more thing to spend money on. now i kinda wish i had, but, we'll still have fun.

and--these games, as suggested by my perverted hubs, WILL NOT be played this saturday night.

1. trim the christmas bush--one of my friends has just become an esthetician (skin care, wraps, waxing, etc.) so the hubs suggested she bring her wax and each of us women take turns getting the bush/tush waxed. the men will stand outside the door and try to figure out who their partner is by the screams from inside. NO!!! he said this was a win/win for the guys.

2. x-rated memory--there are two versions to this one. the first (remember these are the hubs' ideas) is for the girls to take pictures of their who-has. the guy has to pick out which one he came with. (roflmao. ok, THAT is too funny, which one he CAME with). he said if any guy picked more than one or picked one that wasn't his he'd get his ass kicked. the second version is everyone takes a pic of their junk and then you match them up, like in the kids' game, memory.

neither of these games would work because we do have single people at our party--although---if we seeded the party w/ MORE single people perhaps i could become a match maker! LOL


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I bet you throw a heck of a fun partay.

only a movie said...

Wow, I'm not really a party person... but that is one I'd love to attend.
I bet you laugh your asses off.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Sweet T is fine, thanks. :)

See you Saturday!

(Mrs.) Sweet T

Fragrant Liar said...

All I gotta say is be sure you post the results of your game!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.