Wednesday, August 25, 2010

...hear that? it's silence!

the kids went back to school today. i will refrain from getting all emotional and blathering to you, once again, about how this is a milestone year for us as the girl is in her last yr of middle school and the boy (my BABY) is in his last year of elementary. i didn't cry this morning. i did get a little choked up and moist eyed, but did not actually bawl.

i have been relishing in the silence that has been gone these last three months. the tv has not been on today. there is no shrieking (the girl loves shrieking). i do miss them though. and, i'm well aware that this was probably the last full summer i will have spent w/ them. sniff sniff.

i will brag, and not gripe, that i am almost slammed w/ freelance work right now. it is bits and pieces from 3-4 different places, but it adds up. i am ever so thankful. i feel productive. i am nearly giddy w/ it. i am DOING something, besides chauffeuring and cleaning and doing laundry.

also, yesterday and today, though overcast and a bit misty w/ rain, have been fall-like days. i LOVE fall. fall and spring are tied for my favorite season. fall brings a sense of buckling down and getting something done, being productive, being cozy. i love it.

so, fall, the silence, the work---add up to a happy girl.


Anonymous said...

I relish silence, too. I love it when the Hubs decides to read instead of turning on the tv at night.

And wasn't yesterday's weather awesome? More than a hint of Fall in the air. It was nice to have a cool breeze.

SO glad you are enjoying the freelance bounty!

Sweet T

only a movie said...

It's been pouring today. I love it.

I suppose I could be happy about fall. If it didn't mean going back to stupid school. (I'll get over myself eventually).

justsomethoughts... said...

you sound very good

keep up whatever it is you're doing :)

Firegirl said...

Happy Dance about all the freelance work! I hope it keeps increasing!

I thought of you this morning when I turned on my headlights to get to work & it rained as I went over the pass...Fall is on it's way & I'm not that sad about it.

And, dude?, why do your kids go to school so early...August not morning...the kids here don't start until after Labor Day.

drollgirl said...

so glad you have so much freelance work! that is radical! and it helps pay the bills!

i agree with you -- fall and spring are the best! we have had a rather mild summer (the first time i have experienced THAT in my lifetime), and i have to say it was a relief to not be miserable and sweaty all summer long. yay. it was downright chilly the othernight! HOW EXCITING!!!

p.s. i don't know if i can think of 16 big events that have happened in my life. how pathetic! i need to get some excitement already!

Gal Friday said...

I have been away from the blogosphere and not following your blog these last few weeks so missed out on the good news that you are working!! That's great news.

I am looking forward to my Tuesday alone in the house, too, tomorrow. And it's the same here--all summer, whether it is morning, afternoon or night, my husband and/or kid have that TV on constantly when they are home. I love my mornings here alone with no noise(except NPR radio on in the kitchen)