Monday, October 30, 2006


The Hubby and I were discussing unmentionables this weekend. I never realized men (and I suppose that's a generalization) were so excited by unmentionables. Please stop reading here if you're easily embarrassed. : )

I've never really thought about panties and bras as anything other than utilitarian clothing and my garmets reflect that thought process. I have gotten a little "racey" over the years and branched away from white to a variety of fun colors but aside from that nothing exciting.

I do not understand the thong at all and I've tried one but they're incredibly uncomfortable.

Apparently lacey things are a big plus for some men. For those females reading this, what's your take on underwear? Utilitarian? Sexy? The Hubby said he thought women wore things like that for themselves as well as their significant others. I've read articles that say wearing lacey, sexy underwear under your every day work clothes gives you a secret sense of power or something. If you do that do you find it to be true?

The conversation then turned to the younger generation and their preference for shaving and waxing certain areas of their bodies, both men and women. Really? My cousin, who's a 20 something, told us lots of guys now a days (like I'm some ancient old lady) shave. Really? Hmmm, I don't find that attractive at all.

Non sequitor
My baby turned 7 this weekend, I can't believe it. Friday night we celebrated my nephew's birthday, he turned 5, and Saturday we celebrated The Boy's birthday with a skating party. Fun was had by all until my Mom took a spill and broke the hell out of her arm. It was so bad she passed out, the ambulance came and rushed her to the ER. It broke in two places, had to be jerked back into place, casted and she'll have to have surgery.

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