Sunday, August 28, 2011

i didn't feel old until...

....i watched the vmas tonight. today's my birthday. it has been a wonderful day--hubs and kids made breakfast (kids even picked out turkey bacon (nasty) because a few days ago i said we needed to get back on a healthy eating track); i got some kick ass presents (some of which you can see above); hubs grilled steaks; we shared a bottle of wine. perfect day.

then we watched the vmas. i didn't recognize many of the names. i shook my head at most of the performances, even lady g. i saw a commercial for...i can barely say it...a remake of footloose. what the hell is the world coming to? people accepting awards w/ the baggy pants and underwear showing. people dressed up w/ stuffed animals as accessories. i am old.

i have to admit a secret though...i have a bizarre crush on russell brand.


Annabelle said...

Happy Birthday Lady!!

I can see that crush. Netflix Forgetting Sarah Marshall, watch the uncut version.
He won me over in that one.

only a movie said...

Russell Brand is very charming. Google his Conan appearance from this spring. Sweet and smart.

I watched a little of the beginning of the VMAs and felt the same as you. I am old. I am embarrassed to tell you my reactions to most of the red carpet. Ack.

Happy Birthday!! xoxo