Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On my mind

The heat--hello, can someone PLEASE turn the damn thermostat down? I had begun to think we really were heading for the end of the world because it just keeps getting hotter and hotter, but today on the radio it said we broke records from 1930 something, so it was hot then too. However, when you walk outside and it feels as if you just stuck your head in the oven, along with the rest of your sticky body, it's just not good. I'm walking around in a permanent state of anger.

Money--how is it that you can get paid one day and the next day you pay your bills and realize you have about $5 left for the next week? (Fortunately the way the hubby and my paydays work out someone gets paid each week basically.) But of course my checks are already accounted for so sometimes it's like I might as well not get paid because it's gone five minutes after hitting the bank. How do people make ends meet? I'm not that frivolous with my money and I'm fairly certain I'm not the only person with debt.

Blogs--I've spent the better part of two days at work reading blogs. Why is it that reading the mundane aspects of someone elses life is interesting, almost mesmerizing? Granted some of the blogs were on celebs as I have a friend who's a hound for celeb gossip and she couldn't resist forwarding me a link to a blog with a speedo clad Rod in it. He looks old. He shouldn't wear a speedo, hell, nobody should wear a speedo. Back to blogs. Are people really that bored that reading a blog written by someone they don't even know can be mesmerizing? I'll have to figure out how to link so next time I can temp you into submerging your brain in the blogs I've been reading.


Ginny said...

A hound for celebrity gossip???? I don't know what to think about that one. Don't worry, you will be blissful unaware of much in the pop culture world for the next 12 weeks I am afraid, while the hound goes on hiatus . . .

keri marion said...

you know, it's funny about blogs...

once i spent a whole night reading about some major drama between these three people that live in my town; i found them through a link of artists in my area. i got so emotionally involved i was practically foaming at the mouth at this "other" that was violating my beloved blogger! i don't even remember what it was about now, but i was emotionally invested enough to explain the whole story to my "lovey" who was bored within a few minutes, but patiently listened to me ramble on anyway.

sometimes other peoples' lives are just more interesting.

by the way. nobody has any money. really. it's all a farce. in fact, according to john locke, nothing exists at all. and if it does, it's only because someone told us it did.


oh my god, what am i saying? where the hell is my pizza? i don't care if it's stale. forget the pizza. bring me a smoke and a pepsi, and i'll be satisfied.


Anon said...

Ginny--Not a hound in a bad sense--you have a nose for news! : ) I can never be blissfully unaware of pop culture anymore.

Keri--I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets wrapped up in blogs. Reading some of them makes me realize I'm not as screwed up as I sometimes think.